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1054 Elm Street
San Jose, Ca. 95126
Phone # (408)296-6010
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Going Green...

Ciari Plumbing, in partnership with Falcon Technologies, is the largest installer of waterless urinals in 2004, 2005 and 2006 installing over 10,000 units in the northern California area.


Ciari Plumbing is a full service commercial plumbing, heating, and air conditioning contractor. Although specializing in public works projects including schools, hospitals, libraries and airports, Ciari Plumbing is a full service provider to both public and private entities.
  • A service provider to major restaurant chains
  • A recipient of the City of San Jose after hours service contract for 3 consecutive years
  • A certified Back Flow and RP testing service provider
  • A full service water heater repair, replacement and planned maintenance provider
  • A competent waterless urinals installer

“Can-Do” Mentality
Makes Us Different

As we were completing the final phase of Trace School's new campus, an unfortunate arson fire destroyed the older portion of Trace and, regrettably, most of the resources to be used in less than 5 weeks to start the 2010/11 school year. Ciari Plumbing is known for its time management and "Can-Do" attitude and we were called in with-in hours of the destruction to "get it done, and get it done quickly." Ciari Plumbing recognizes the value of quality service and promotes a strong customer base through service satisfaction. Trace School opened on time for their school year.

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